A Giants fan dumps Barry

Last Christmas I gave my friend Aaron a Barry Bonds “babooshka” doll. Aaron is only a casual fan, but he dabbles in the mystic arts, and I asked him to…

The hidden morals of “Grand Theft Auto”

I picked up some bad habits lately: running over pedestrians for their pocket money, incinerating enemy gangsters with Molotov cocktails, and blowing up cops with a rocket launcher. But starting…

Student election theatrics mirror national politics

Campaign posters blanket the walls each election week at the high school where I teach. This year, some posters reflected a more unscrupulous election than usual. Share this:

“It’s like impossible”

Anyone who spends much time with teenagers has noticed their unfortunate use of the word “like” outside the parameters of affection or comparison.

Don’t wish upon a STAR

Aaron and Travis didn’t even try to fake it. When the test started, they started bubbling in their answer forms without even reading the test questions. Choosing answer “A” for…

Germany, Scientology trade charges of tyranny

To explain the furious hostility between Germany and the Church of Scientology, German officials might point to the story of a young man from Braunschweig named Jürgen Behrndt. Share this:

Misgivings follow Jews to Germany

BERLIN – Mary Ann zu Klampen moved to Germany 19 years ago but making friends still isn’t easy for her. Even today, Germans she’s never met introduce themselves with an…